Ability to adjust player movement condo-wide

Current in-game bhop/air strafing mechanics are fun, but as they aren’t really adjustable, they’re a bit of a pain to deal with when making movement-based maps.

I propose there should be a new area under the condo options menu that lets you edit settings relating to player movement, for example:

  • Strafing enabled (Y/N): disabling reverts movement to the same type used in LC, where the player is pushed in the direction of the key pressed

  • Air acceleration (similar to sv_airaccelerate in source)

  • Max speed (limits max player speed to set setting)

  • Gravity

Could be integrated with Condo I/O as well, but being able to set things condo-wide without having to put down a giant volume with the settings would be helpful.

This is planned with Condo IO.