A way to reward 'good' hosts


As many of the games are hosted by the players themselves you are sometimes at the mercy of their whims. They can close the connection at any time for really no reason other than they don’t like you, have had enough for today , or whatever.

Now this is OK as everyone has a life to lead and they may have to be elsewhere suddenly during a game.

However it can be frustrating for any other folk playing the game.

There may be people who repeatedly close the connection as well (though so far I have not come across any).

So how about a league of hosts? Good hosts who run the game to its very end (including the awarding of bonus points, points for the last hole in mini golf etc) - even if they are having a bad game - get plus points, hosts who close the connection frequently get marked down.

There could be a badge to collect which would be displayed on the server’s connection screen or in game, something as simple as a :slight_smile: for people who are just starting to host and a :smile: for folk who have enough plus points.

Too many negative points and bye bye :slight_smile:

Anyone any thoughts?

An interesting idea, but I think it’s a bit too hard to tell why a host closes a connection to make this fair. After all, the host might close up shop for reasons that are perfectly valid, such as computer crashes, loss of internet, or having a sudden, more important event pop up that they need to attend to. Besides, this would have to apply only to hosts who start servers via the menu as players hosting via lobby don’t choose to host (and might have had no desire to be the host).

It would be very nice to distinguish good hosts from bad ones, but I think the robustness of the system required to make it non-arbitrary would just take too long to be worth the time and effort.

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While we haven’t talked about rewarding good hosts internally, with the Minigolf fixes that @Deniz has been working on, we have been talking about better explaining a host situation.

For example, even with @Deniz’s fixes, if there’s a host with a framerate lower than a certain threshold (either 30 or 60 can’t remember at the moment), the physics issues are still going to crop up from time to time. Also, network performance and ping can play a role in how responsive a server is. We’ve talked about in the future taking FPS and Network into account, and even displaying on the screen if a particular server is “under-performing” or otherwise having its own issues that affect gameplay.

I don’t know when you’d see this in the game, but it has been talked about as something we want to do in the future.

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This is a rather harsh way to deal with hosts who exit their server prematurely. I certainly don’t like the idea of disabling hosts from hosting their server just because they leave. Gameworld server hosting by anyone is a core feature of the game, and the backing reason supporting its limitation is weak in comparison. So what if they leave early?

As for the suggestion itself, it seems rather pointless. Players could just farm rep and then blow it away at a moment’s notice. You can’t trust a system to accurately predict that the host won’t all of a sudden quit. This system wouldn’t change anything in players, and might lock others out of core features of the game in the process.

The gameworlds, I should add, aren’t nearly as big a deal as, say, a competitive match in a game like CS:GO, with serious moderation and real, global competition happening in real life and remotely online and with money being betted on professional teams and such. This game’s gameworlds are far more like an online LAN party than an ‘event’. Ergo, there should not be any punishment for messing around or leaving early in this game.



I think that perhaps I haven’t explained it well enough. I am not talking about banning folk from hosting, nor am I suggesting that a host should be marked down if they occasionally have to close the connection for any reason. Rather its a way of showing players that the host is less likely to do so and give those that don’t a sort of badge of honour.

The idea is that everyone starts with :slight_smile: and a score of say 20. Each game they host to the end adds 1 to their rank until say after 30 (a score of 50) they get the :smile:

However they don’t immediately loose it if they then have to close the connection, instead there is a separate count of consecutive closed games and there is a bit of leeway so it drops back to :slight_smile: if they go below say 40 (starting 20 plus 20) or close say 10 games one after the other - another way to do this would simply to fix the rank at a max of 50.

In the same way you don’t loose the :slight_smile: instantly but below a threshold of say 15.

Thus you could close the connection up to 5 times one after the other before you loose the :slight_smile: and 10 before you loose the :smile:

The idea will need the devs magic tweaking, Its very unlikely that anyone would close the connection 10 consecutive times… unless they really are a bad host :wink: