how about adding in a way to get out of the pool without a jetpack. i literally got stuck in the pool because i couldnt use my jetpack even after pressing my hot bar button 100 times and when i tryed to use a ladder i found out that it was just for looks and not functional even just jumping dont work

The ladders are indeed awkward.
I see nothing wrong with a ramp or rising staircase on one end, it would fix potion users, people without jetpacks, and people who fall into it with the new rideable vehicles.

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Still a ramp would work great for when people drive their vehicles into the pools.
Plus the ramp would allow people to use the pool as a sort of road obstacle without the risk of having to unequip the vehicle, get out of the pool and then re-equip it.
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dude… activate windows

This is actually how the game teaches players how to crouch jump, it’s a feature people.

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