A Wait between Multiple Posts

This post was made in response to the endless flooding in this game:

Actually allow a time limit between posts before users can post multiple times.
If this is already implemented, extend it to a better time limit eg: 2 mins between each post.

that is a bit much 2 minuets, that will affect other people on the forum and not just people in the game

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I’m not sure if that’s actually a problem with the mute feature. I’d suggest a rule against games so simple that they can be flooded in the first place.

This isn’t a problem with the fact that you can mute the topic, I’m just annoyed at the amount of posts you’ve flooded the topic with, so I suggested a timer to prevent people from mass spamming.

Is it mass spamming if 2 players play the game by the rules? And even make up their own rules like making fun of 69 for 99 additional posts between 2 69s?

also flooding is mean as harmful like spamming multiple threads for no reason, we just played the game keeping to the rules of the threads game

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I know you’re having fun, but I was suggesting this because I’ve seen many other forums do this.

they’ve probably done that for when it’s an actual problem, this is a stupid forum game that you’re complaining about, so i really don’t see the issue.

it’s being flooded because people are playing the game, it’s easy to play so it doesn’t really require long periods of time spent on messages (unless you’re doing something special for it)

Edit: you could just mute the topic aswell? it really isn’t harming anyone unless you let it harm yourself by leaving notifications on :laughing:

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Yes I know that Spookz, so I’ll take your advice.