A VR Machine

I made this VR room thing by shoving a chair in front of a curved TV and then building a box around it. I like playing videos that were recorded from GoPros on RC cars and stuff on it.




if only TU had VR support

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Doesn’t it? I saw somewhere that it should.

They said that VR only works for games that were designed for VR

Huh, you sure? I heard Tower Unite was getting VR support for the oculus or something.

i read this

Well, they could have a VR game seperate from Tower Unite, like a Vr experience or something? It’ll be free to anyone with Tower Unite and a VR headset ofcourse.

And roomscale, somehow. Would be cool to go into a lobby and see people moving around with the controllers, would certainly make the lobby feel more alive, so to speak. Gives players another level of interaction. Plus roomscale is just awesome.

i was only saying what caboose said
im not against VR TU