A Visual Exit to a Mini-Game

While I was creating a topic for my last idea, I was thinking that there could also be a way to visually show you leaving to a mini-game.

I was thinking things like taking a train or plane off to the mini-game location. The people that want to do this would simply sit down in a seat of the train or plane and ride it when it leaves. They would then be taken to a loading screen to either
a) be shown arriving to their destination and be in the lobby of the gamemode or
b) place into the gamemode like GMT


Not sure if it’s very necessary, but heck, that’d be cool as hell!

It’s not necessary, of course, but I think these are the little things which make a game much cooler and more fluid. Definitely a good idea

And also maybe an exit one as well? Just an idea. ^.^

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Two types of exits, fast one and your suggestion.

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That is the kind I was talking about. Not the only way of transport, but I am sure some would. Glad they are adding the monorail! :smile: