A ton of random unrelated suggestions because why not

These are all things I would like to see added in the future if possible. (might update in the future)

  • Milk carton player model

  • Try bringing back the old achievement sound back (yes i know that its copyrighted)

  • Custom cardboard cutouts using the canvas feature(because who doesn’t want mac staring at you all the time)

  • Buying arcade machines for your condo

  • Ability to place furniture while in floorplanner (because of my insane OCD)

  • Make the night a bit darker and add more lights around the plaza

  • Buyable slot machines (you still have to pay to use them its just cool having one in your condo)

  • Lobby 1 suite condo preset

  • Working computer (you can only use the browser)

  • Opening media files from your computer for use on TVs and music players

  • Being able to fly to the top of the tower (with the necessary Human Blur achievement)

  • 1 GMC button with an achievement for it (put it in a different place though)

  • Lots and lots of random events (for example the obama cutouts)

  • Tower Unite forum emotes plz.

  • Choosing text color, font and etc. for text chat

  • Ballrace melon as a milestone item (could be a rare cooking/blending ingredient)

  • leave one of the gamemode ports empty (or have a blank slate port) for Steam Workshop gamemodes

  • Charple playermodel because why not.

  • Player trails.

  • catbag prop (you get it from using a catbag)


  • Furniture like the fridge actually works as item storage.

  • I have no idea why but I really want a model skeleton furniture item…

  • A bird pet because birds are cool man.

Thank you for reading all of my stupid suggestions and please consider adding them.



  1. Like you said, it’s copyrighted. It won’t happen

  2. That’s already happening

  3. I believe the new computer does have a browser built-in, but I’m not positive

  4. There’s already a huge thread dedicated to random events. The devs have expressed interest in adding some of the ideas from that thread.

OH. MY. GOD. yes yes yes yes yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

Gonna need those spicy spaghetti models.


I’ve tried to get the staff to hire Kevan Brighting twice now.

  • They accepted my idea the first time and added it to the Trello and Kickstarter

  • Second time was at the IndieGoGo campaign and I believe they said they weren’t going to have enough money for him

As much as I want to see my idea make it in the game, I believe they’re gonna go with Brad.

I don’t think they will get Kevan as a narrator. It was 105k on kickstarter, which is still more than what we got on indiegogo. Although I didn’t think that he’s literally this expensive that we needed such a high goal for kevan’s voice.

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I wonder if anyone asked him or if they assumed he’d want 5k