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Well, if Planet Panic is about dinosaurs, then the objective is probably to save yourself and your team and your planet from those cat sacks, as seen from the Tower Unite banner (The one where you see three images, one of minigolf, the next of ball race, and the third of a cat sack in some place, which I assume to be the main enemy in the 3rd gameworld, Planet Panic).

Or it could not be about dinosaurs at all, and be a team vs team game of cats vs mice?

I’d go for the cats vs. mice idea, where the dinosaur is the cat and the people are the mice. And because of some japanese stuff in the title, it will probably have this charm of japanese games.

OR a Japanes TV show themed game, Like takechi’s castle :3 , and as thegoldenmotion said, think about the catsack in a UFO seen in the banner

I thought that Mac mentioned there were no dinosaurs were involved?

Actually, that’s a poster in the theatre as of the most recent weekly build. It could also be a poster advertising Planet Panic (both do have the Japanese theme going on, and I don’t know what either string of characters says), but there is the possibility that it isn’t related at all. Personally, I have no idea what to expect with the game; I wouldn’t be surprised if it did feature kawaii raptors.

Mac said in Discord that the dinosaur poster and Planet Panic are not associated in anyway.

Lets be real, a cute T-Rex in a tutu as the mascot/main antagonist of a minigame would be great no matter the situation.

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My god, I loved takeshi’s castle. I watched it everyday on youtube. That would be so cooooool if that would be implemented

I just realized it is a team based game after reading some of the fourms. Now, 10v10 would be cool :octopus: