A smooth VR experience

When I first played TU was under the impression that it was a VR game. Then when I got a valve index, I found that TU has no real VR implementation. A VR implementation is not something you can just hack, it needs to be an incredibly smooth experience with watch controls. ALL successful VR games to date make use of wrist watch controls. TU already has more than enough content. In fact, TU has a lot more built-in content than VRChat. The thing is, VRChat has a solid VR implementation. if TU doesn’t hurry up and get their VR experience hammered out they wont be able to compete. VR has become incredibly cheap in the last few years, from garbage oculus head set users to cheap HTC Vive on ebay which is still a lot better than a computer screen.

VR is in the works. Tower is not what I’d consider a full VR game yet, but it will be in the future. VR is in alpha state right now.

It’s slated to get more development in the upcoming months. Currently, I’m the person behind making the VR experience in Tower and there’s a lot on my plate, but I really do want VR in Tower and I want it to be a great experience. It’ll take a couple VR focused updates to get it to a great place and several changes to UI (and new UI) needs to be designed and created.


Take your time man, its gonna be awesome to have VR in TU!

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Make it so #1

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Is a full VR experience supported yet? I’ve gotten so used to SteamVR that games that are not on SteamVR are just too awkward to play now a days.

No and won’t be for a while.
It is a huge undertaking to redevelop entire sections of the game for VR use, and only one developer right now spends any time on it.

VR is under development. I’ll be working on it more this month and December.

Lots of changes to add full VR support - it’ll be a long process, but I want to do it right.

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