A showcase of every hat(accessory) in the game

I made a steam guide that shows all the hats, glasses, backpacks etc

It took a lot of time to do it, but I hope someone will like it.


It’s missing the backer-only cosmetics

Otherwise it’s great guide

Yeah, if I want to get them I should first learn time travel.

Unless there’s a donor who would like to take a screenshot of their special items.

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I have all of them but the golden watch if you need pictures

Sure, why not?

Hey I should have poster this sooner but, if anyone here has the donor accessories and wants to help me out please add me on Steam or post the pics below!(with a white background like in the guide if possible)

as for the watch, you might have to use @A_Blue_Gryphon 's picture , I don’t have it
if the pictures aren’t good enough, feel free to ask for a different angle/background/whatever. While I tried to mimick your guide’s style, I didn’t fiddle with it too much

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Hey I really appreciate you helping me improve my guide, thanks! :wink:

The pictures are good, as long you can clearly see them they’re good, right?
I’ll make sure to credit you and @A_Blue_Gryphon on my guide if I get permission from him to use his pic.

Oh and I’d also like to add the description of the backer items like every other item in the guide if you can post them here, thanks!

Glowing Headphones: These headphones light up to various media. Thanks for being a Tower Unite backer!
Fire: Flame on! Thanks for being a Tower Unite backer!
Electricity: How shocking! Thanks for being a Tower Unite backer!
Sparkle: Shing! (Sparkle, sparkle.) Thanks for being a Tower Unite backer!

no idea about the watch though

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I just updated the guide with the new accessories from the new update!

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After over a month of procrastination, I’ve added all the summer items to the guide. I mean why not?

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