A screenshot to remember GMod Tower

I made this screenshot in Gmod to remember GMT Lobby 1. Sorry if it’s a little depressing, and I don’t mean this in a way to say I wanted it to look like this, Just an idea that came to my head and it looked nice.

“Cold, wet, dark, empty, and in ruins. Gmod Tower may be gone, but it will never be forgotten.”

Going back to GMT made me sad to think it’s gone, but it made me happy to know it happened.



Whoops. Fixed!

We need to go back to the original Lobby that was the best lobby out of all of them.I wish they just built off the lobby instead of changing the entire map.Also they could of left the original lobby server still run and just made a complete different server or download for the newer Lobbys. Im not saying the new Lobbys suck I just wish they kept the original lobby.

There’s going to be a purchasable condo that is all of the original lobby (with all the secrets, too!). You can see a sneak peak of it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/wj_mKVYjAzY?t=54m27s

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Sweet thanks for the feed back mate!

Where’d you manage to get the plaza maps from?

this was made like 2 years ago he probably still had the files installed at that point :stuck_out_tongue: