A "Repeat Bugs" Category

This is just an idea to add a category that bugs which have already been reported can be moved to so that @bugbot won’t find them. If you’ve been on the forums and so much as looked at the Bug Report category, you’ve probably seen a bug that has already been reported or is already being worked on. Having this added category would let the Trello be less cluttered with repeated bugs and let just one copy of each bug be present. Of course, regulars and moderators would need to do the topic moving, but I’m pretty sure most would be up to the easy task. What are your thoughts on this?

  • Yeah, this NEEDS to be added
  • It would be helpful
  • I’m pretty neutral about this
  • It’s not really necessary
  • If anything, this needs to NOT be added

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I have mixed feelings about this. For one side, it seems more helpful in order to make the Trello less if Bug Bot wouldn’t have range to detect it, yet, at the same time, it also means that Regulars would have to keep a close eye in the category in order to keep the common bug-forum clean (which I think most will do without no objections really) by moving the bugs.

I personally think that this could work, but at the same time, it doesn’t really stop the duplicated bugs. I think that there should also be some sort of warning (or penalty - not that strict) if you don’t take a second to search around the forums. :confused:

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Hmm, a penalty? Yeah, that’s an interesting idea. So long as it’s not strict, as you suggested, I’d be game for that. The only questions would be what the penalty would be and how would the penalty be distributed…

Warning, yes. Penalty, eh.

I’m not particularly sure that users must be beholden to thoroughly investigate the Bug Reports category before submitting a topic. Users join and play at different frequencies and the fact that a user has taken the time to even bring up a bug is a good thing. It’s different from the repeated questions that get asked over and over, if anything there should be a penalty for that.

I think the idea of a “Repeat Bugs” category is good, and it should be the responsibility of Regulars (as we are a community, we must work together) to manage that.

By a penalty I didn’t really mean something big like a “1-day ban from the whole forum” or something, specially since I agree with you on the part of non-regular players of the game. What I mean is something of the genera of these conditions:

If a user posts a X number of a repeated bugs during a small period of time they would get a 24-hour ban time from the bug forum.

It’s just a thought and even that seems like a strict thing. I would guess it would only be applied under certain conditions.

I’m pretty neutral about this too, as I think that it would be useful to get a different users perspective (for instance they may have been doing something different that caused the bug or may have a different setup compared to someone else), but at the same time it is also kinda annoying seeing the same bug report within a few days because someone didn’t search to see if its been posted already :confused:

Also as a side note, Regulars cannot delete threads like moderators can. We can only move threads to appropriate categories or rename a thread’s title, so (at this point at least) only PixelTail staff and community helpers can delete lock or delete threads.

A little off topic…: how do you make a poll like you did above? Anyways, good idea. :wink:

Here’s what you are looking for.

To be honest if a bug is reported multiple times then it’s more likely to be a bug that we need to notice sooner.

Removing a trello card takes one key stroke so it’s really not something that bothers me.


I would like to see a “Not a Bug” category for things that aren’t Tower Unite’s problem. Like “mouse drivers” or “not yet implemented features not working because they don’t exist”.