A question about GMT donations

I really wanted to donate to GMT, but I was too late to donate. So I donated to the kickstarter instead. But when the kickstarter ends, will we be able to donate to GMT? (Since I still want to donate to GMT)

Thanks ~

No one knows whether donation will be opened again after the campaign ends. Donating to the kickstarter doesn’t get any benefits on gmtower, so if they do open donations back up again, you would need to donate $15 or more in order to get donor benefits.

Your best bet is to ask @macdguy, but if they did open donations, you would be donating to the running of the gmtower servers and not to the development of tower unite.

GMT donations are over because once Tower Unite goes up on Early Access, I believe that is when GMod Tower will be shut down. If you want to donate, donate to Tower Unite.

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure GMTower will run side-by-side with TU Early Acces up until TU hits a full release, after which, GMTower will discontinue and the servers will close.

Early Access starts in March/April of 2016, so don’t think that’s going to happen.

It’s still a while until Tower Unite early access (about 8 months to be exact), so they will still need donation money to keep the servers running this amount of time, as I don’t think they have enough funds in reserve to keep the server up for 8 months without a single donation.