A proposal for a TTT gamemode

With how heavily Tower Unite is intertwined with Garry’s Mod I think it would only make sense to include a mode that is synonymous with G-Mod, and something like Trouble in Terrorist Town could be a great fit.

  • TTT is social, yet gameplay driven.
  • It lends itself to multiple forms of customization
  • It has plenty of similarities to pre-existing mechanics in Tower Unite.

All of which, in my opinion, make it a great fit for Tower Unite.

Would it be a blatant ripoff?
Not at all! The concept of a shooter detective game can be iterated on in many ways, and there’s a lot of room for personality and changes in that premise. The Tower Unite team has already made great heaps of wonderful custom content is proof enough that they can make a heavily inspired gamemode without straying too close to the source material.

What about TTT in [Other game]? Hasn’t it got it’s niche already?
Yes! TTT already has a sizable player base on multiple games, along with many years of custom content, but a new and improved TTT in Tower Unite would be a new way to play, which could carve out a new niche and make a new reason to play the game. There are games that do things better than Tower Unite, but we still play tower unite. It is the combination and creative iteration of many things which build Tower Unite, and keep you playing.

In conclusion, Tower Unite has grown so much from it’s humble G-Mod roots that it has earned the right to take a piece from where it started.
If you care please share your thoughts on this post or spread the idea around, I think it would be pretty neat!

While (to my understanding) GMod Tower served as a hub for GMod gamemodes of its day, it doesn’t mean that they have to replicate the entire GMod ecosystem. Also, Pixeltail might be hesitant to design such a game for Tower Unite because of the massive popularity of Le Amogus.