A Methodical List of Virus Improvements

Ok so.


Honestly I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t one of my favorite gamemodes a while back. The Weapons sucked, the hitreg sucked. The Maps really sucked (we only had Hospital, Desertion, and Overtime when I started playing TU.) Hell you either won by doing nothing because of how prevailant camping is, or you lost because an infected spawned behind you within a 10 meter radius and now you f*cking caught ligma.

That being said, the recent improvements to Virus have really helped me enjoy the game now. The Hitreg is consistent, the weapons don’t really suck (although I wish there was more variety, more on that later), the infected now have to hit you instead of breathing on you to infect (A welcome change for me, even if not many classic players like it), and the game feels less painstaking and more fair regardless of how you end up.

That being said, there’s still some issues.

1.) Infected Payouts are Super Low.

These screencaps were from a game of Virus I played earlier today. It was a small-sized game, but I was able to test and find out varying outcomes depending on the round end. These screencaps were from rounds I was infected, one round being the original and the others being infected later into the round. Take a notice of how much I get for a payout here in the bottom Right. (Except for that first shot, look at the payouts box towards the top right.)

Now look at these:

These are screencaps of my victories as a Survivor. Notice the differences?

As you can see, on average, I’m earning anywhere from 400-800 as an infected, and I Rarely break 1000 units on payouts, but as a Survivor, you get at least 1500-2300 Units regardless of how you preformed.

As a further note, take a look at this payouts chart added recently.

Biohazard apparently has 2 payouts for some reason, but both are exceptionally low, with the max possible being 600. even on a server of 12 people. If all the infected win, you all get only 30 Units.

Patient Zero is only awarded to the original infected, but you only get 30 measly units per victim, which if it’s not affected by the same limits as Biohazard, then that’s a maximum of 360 units possible.

If we add up all the average possible payouts for an infected, We get:

  • Biohazard (Lets assume its the 100 unit one, idk what dictates it.) (100 Per, 600 Max)
  • Infected have Taken over (30)
  • Patient Zero (360 max)
  • Bringer of Death (200)
  • Thanks for Playing (200)

That totals out to 1,390 Units If you hit the max on Biohazard, are the original Infected, and infect the last survivor.

Taking out the last 2 conditions, if you were infected, even if you hit the max on Biohazard and win the round as an Infected, then You get only 830 units. If the 50 Unit Biohazard is applied, then you only get 530 Units.

Meanwhile lets say you survive as a survivor and did absolutely nothing the whole round.

That means you get:

  • Survived the Infection (250)
  • Partners to the End (500)
  • Team Player (750) or Last Survivor (800) (Depending on the circumstances)
  • 4th Place and Below (200)
  • And the Obligitory Thanks for Playing (200)

Which means that on average, at the bare minimum, you’ll earn anywhere between 1400-1900 depending on whether or not you’re the last survivor. Most of the time, you’ll have fellow survivors, so you’ll be earning more than the bare minimum.

TL;DR: Infected Payouts are stupidly low and need to be boosted to be more fair, Especially to people who aren’t the starting infected.

2.) Better Weapon Variety and Improved weapon system.

While I recognize some of the Zombie Massacre weapons would be difficult to port to Virus for varying reasons, I’d like to take a moment to suggest some be added in to Virus to diversify the weapon pool. I would also like to see the weapon system get a change.

Rather than Allot a small grouping of the same weapons in random amounts to all the players, Each Player gets 3 Possible weapons: A small, Medium, and Heavy Weapon, Plus 1 Adrenaline and 1 TNT.

  • Small Weapons would be things like the Pistol, Silencers, & Sci-fi Handgun, and Perhaps weapons like the Magnum and Kimber.

  • Medium Weapons are either Shotguns or Semi-automatic weapons, Like the Uzi, Double Barrel, Sci-fi Shotgun, Crossbow, SPAS-12, and Tommy Gun.

  • Heavy Weapons are more weapons that pack a punch and maybe have a smaller clip or some sort of thing that makes using them up more risky. Weapons such as the Egon, Minigun, Sci-fi rifle, M4A1, or Flamethrower would fit this category.

Each player gets 3 Weapon Slots, 1 Small, 1 Medium, and 1 Heavy. The TNT and Adrenaline each get their own spots and can be deployed by hitting specific keys (E for TNT, C for Adrenaline).

This way, Teamwork can be better applied and Strategies can be used in order to win rounds for either team.

TL;DR Add some weapons from ZM and rework the weapon system to randomly allot weapons in certain categories to increase the variability.

and 3) Fix the Radar.

The Infected Radar is absolutely useless.

It has a notoriously short range, which makes it more difficult to pay attention where an Infected is going or where Survivors are, It has no height indicators, so it’s useless on Solar, and often times I find that Infected that get me are ones that don’t show up on the radar until its already too late.

So here’s what I propose:

Add indicator arrows towards markers that are outside the range of what the Radar sees, Blue for teammates, Red for enemies, and add a general overlay of the map with a Compass so that you can see where you’re going or where you are on the map. Too many times I spawn as an Infected and I have no idea where I am on the map until I finally manage to see the faint silhouette of a survivor. (Also as a mini-note, make those easier to see please, thanks.)

TL;DR Adjust the Radar to add better indication of where Teammates and Enemies are on the map relative to you.

That’s all I have for Now folks.

Alex out.

The only thing i want is some major improvement to hitreg for infected.

i can‘t blame them however, not many people host virus nowadays and if they do, they‘re mostly from different region and you have to keep up with your absured high ping, and some players have unfair advantages, like using small playermodels which makes it confusing to try infect them.

virus is my least favorite aswell, but its sometimes fun and tense for the most part.

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Not too sure if I agree with the radar suggestion or not but I completely agree with the other suggestions, especially regarding payouts. I get that surviving is usually more difficult and should reward more, but there definitely needs to be a flat increase on Biohazard at least. I shouldn’t be able to get more units from hiding behind my teammates and camping as a survivor than doing well and infecting 5+ players as first infected.


Patient Zero should definitely get more units, especially if they win. Other infected, I’m not so sure; they kinda lose by getting infected.

I like the weapon idea of having a small, medium, and heavy weapon, but TNT, though… I think TNT was always a poor mechanic and should just explode after a short time, or just not be in every round like back in the GMT days.

As for the radar, I thought that it did show general direction of enemies outside of the circle by having a blip on the perimeter. Whatever the case, zombies can see survivors through walls, and I don’t think survivors need anymore help detecting zombies than they already have, especially at range.

The way I see it, you’re either:
A.) in a huge group of people with several eyes and guns peeled and ready to mow down anything that gets near
B.) alone and have to be hyper vigilant of your surroundings, which is when your heart rate can really get going and when I love Virus the most.

And apologies to OP, but I’d like to take the opportunity like with any Virus thread to bitch about the Plasma Autorifle’s alt-fire. It’s game-ruiningly OP.
-Make it use an entire clip of ammo.
-Make it drain ammo to hold a charge.
-Make the alt-fire a new weapon of its own that you have to switch to/from.
Anything, please!


I also agree with all the statements OP made.
I especially agree with Niz on statement A.) he made.

Most games I see are people bunching up in piles making being an infected very frustrating at times.
If you spawn in you either end up right next to the pile (Or inside it), causing everyone to instantly mow you down; If you are lucky you can get 1 person who will also most likely get mowed down.
If you don’t spawn next to the pack you might spawn right next to some tnt someone just randomly placed killing you instantly. The more survivors the more painful the tnt gets. It’s like run in, get killed by tnt, spawn. Rinse repeat till time runs out, or you get lucky and hit some players. Enraged helps but not by a lot imo. Especially if you only manage to get one person who might also be having the exact same problems mentioned before.

TL;DR Random spawns usually spawn you in bad positions to fight against a pile of survivors (or tnt), and enraged needs some sort of small buff to help against a huge pile of survivors.

The most amount of fun I’ve had is being last survivor with adrenaline and double barrel shotgun running past infected, or shooting them in the face if they get near me. Not being piled up with everyone else waiting for infected to come run into the pile of bullets and tnt waiting to be triggered.

Also this is my first reply so Hi i guess

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Thats what i think the enraged part felt kinda underwhelming

whats the point of being enraged when 90% of the game you face against groups of survivors piling eachother, abusing tnts, Db-shotguns and autorifle charges

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I also remember in a post somewhere on here, I saw someone said that when someone joins mid round or gets infected and then leaves, it makes you unable to get enraged again. (Which doesn’t help)

I feel like removing the radar entirely could be a game changer. It surely would make infected encounters way more scarier.

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maybe as a mutator


Changes to payout and such, yes i agree it should be made more fair based on what you do in game and such, plus it wont change the way virus plays…

However changing weapons, tnt, radar and such is a big no no.
changing the virus infected infect already has given lots of people on TU a bad opinion on virus now, and i feel it just made it way less fun, the TNT and weapons i use strategically and if its suddenly removed and or changed then the way i play will just be ruined,

Many other people and i have already been upset or just put off from virus because of the nerfed (you cant infect a group of camping people as easy and get all the kills for infecting them all, since you have a limited amount of swipes in that timespan) the infected infect that just seems harder and less effective to use now and imo doesnt infected 70% of the time, i would just get fed up since messing with tnt or changing weapons it will just ruin virus for me if the survivor is also pushed in a slightly more un-fun or more nerfed feeling way to play if the weapons just feel slightly off to use,

like i prefer having limited amount of possible weapons since it makes it easier to learn how to use each one of them, rather than having a ton to learn, also i have preferred weapons that may not come up as often if more weapons are added into it all.

Even if we don’t get new weapons, I would like more structure to it like the whole “small/medium/large weapon” idea as well as some rebalancing. Right now it’s kinda random what you get and in my opinion there are only a couple different guns that are really worth using.

this would remove a fair chunk of the pace and arcadish feeling IMO, you can’t go out of the pack and hunt infected on your own if you can’t use the radar, to me atleast the radar seems like a very important mechanic if not one of the most important.

The counter argument to having all random weapons to random players is that what if a player gets a better weapon than others, you now have an unbalanced game where if they all have the same weapons it’s whoever uses them better that’ll win that round.

I STRONGLY think that virus needs to go back to the method GMT’s virus had with its TNT also by not having it every round and substituting it for a sniper or other weapon as well since TNT is just a throw and forget type of weapon, variety is good.

preach. fuck that thing. the radar is fine on survivors IMO but total trash for infected , i’d say a larger radar/larger range would be good enough

This is an issue that disappears over time when you play maps more commonly and learn the layout so you know where you are and common player camping spots.

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Good news folks! @Lifeless has heard our pleas and adjusted payouts for the infected. You can see the amounts here: https://trello.com/c/YoI0t1iR/453-virus-increase-infected-payouts

To sum it up, as it stands, the maximum number of units an Infected can now earn is 3,150 Units (Taking into consideration that you are the “Patient Zero” and you are the 1st place killer as well as have infected the last survivor.) This is a 126% Increase From the original maximim at 1,390 Units.

An Infected can now earn Approximately 650 Units at the very least (If you don’t kill anyone), and Infected can earn on average of around 800-1200 Units per game, which is nearly the same percentage increase.

Needless to say, getting infected won’t suck so much ass anymore. Thanks Lifeless.