A Lure like bait that works for items instead of fish

i remember mentioning something the other day and thought i’d post it here. what if there was a item that’s kinda like the lure but works for items instead, you wouldn’t get rare wireframe spawning but would get to catch item fish without loosing the bait.

i have checked around to make sure this wasn’t already suggested but i haven’t seen any posts similar to this.

I think the Magnet bait already serves this purpose. If I remember correctly, that only attracts normal item fish, not wireframe fish. Releasing an item-based lure would likely just make the Magnet bait obsolete. I know Magnet bait gets lost, but I don’t think I’d like replacing it with an item-based lure.


True, i just figured it’d be nicer if there was a option to buy a one time bait for item fish so you don’t have to keep buying more once you run out, cause fishing isn’t exactly a good unit making activity. meaning if you don’t carry around a big hefty sum of units your going to have to stop fishing and go play a minigame to get more units.

being able to get infinite items over one purchase sounds a little too good


suppose that makes sense, i haven’t done much item fishing so i don’t know how rare the actual items are.

Most items are trash that only sell for 150 Units each, if this lure costed 30K, like the one thats in game already, it would take ages to even break even if you only used this item lure.

Still, magnets don’t cost very much anyway, so a lure like this would just be kind of redundant.

Just use Curly Grubs.

it can attract wireframe but it doent increase the chance so it wont happen very often, i have caught a wireframe with a magnet bait.

A lure that attracts items was planned to be made for like 100k and it was to be called the click bait (a TV).


Huh, that’s interesting to hear. i’m guessing it didn’t make it in due to some balancing issue?


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That’d actually be a pretty cool idea to implement!
It would probably render the magnet obsolete, but the Lure kinda does the same thing with The Meatball and Tiny Fish bait.

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