A little more aquarium variety.

I don’t really have too much to say about this, all I can really do is give examples.

I love that the game has aquariums, but the simple tank shapes seem limiting, I think that not only more shapes would benefit the game, but possible new tank types.

Tank Shapes: I feel like a tall but skinny tank would be nice, maybe also a super wide but low tank, and for the BIG fish, we could have a giant 500 gallon tank. But maybe the basic cube is too bland, you could have a drop-off tank, maybe even a system to make your own aquarium, connecting bits like building blocks, and paying an amount based off how much you used.

Tank types: I really only have one solid idea for a type, but I think it’d be cool to have a fish tank room divider, another idea is a floor tank.

Thanks all I have to say, thank you for listening and considering.

there’s an aquarium volume item at the DIY store that you can use with canvas walls to create custom aquariums


You already can change it a bit by scaling but i would also like to have different shapes like a round aquarium or a polygon (horizontal and vertical)