A graphics option to make all slot machines dissapear?

If you didn’t know i have low fps because of the slot machines. If you could, could you make a option in graphics that says casino slots please? Thanks. (P.S. I am not saying i hate the casino. i love it its just annoying that i keep getting these fps issues.)

That’s an odd request.
Coudln’t you turn down your graphics settings abit for the textures maybe?
Just an idea since that would propably work perfectly.

@Heavysteam I would assume that they have all the settings down to the lowest possible already.

@Jaxon1049 What are your system specs? And could you elaborate a bit more on what the setting would do?

I think they’re saying it would remove all slot machines in the casino.

The slot machines don’t load until you enter the casino. There’s probably more to your FPS problem than just the slots. Do keep in mind that TU is constantly being optimized, so having a lower FPS than other games is fairly common at the moment.


Making the slots vanish is quite a weird way to compensate for FPS issues, and that would not really help with FPS loss because the reasons for it are often not as simple as they might appear. Specific things need to happen to reduce strain on framerate.

I will wait.

In the meantime if you haven’t you can always set your graphics settings to the lowest point possible and set the game process’s priority a little bit higher.