A "golden eye" or time crisis like gameworld?


I figure that the Unreal engine already has the code for FPS, and the guns would be simple enough to program.


Really the guns are pretty similar and the only thing you need is the ability to control the reticle independent of the camera, 8 players, possibly add TDM, DM, and gungame?


Slaughtday Night Live is PvP FPS gamemode, but it’s going to be more of a traditional FPS (think Unreal Tournament) rather than an old classic like golden eye.


why not both?

this game mode would offer slower fps gameplay


I’ve been itching to make a rail shooter (that’s multiplayer online) for so long (I don’t think the team is, but I am).

I know Goldeneye isn’t a rail shooter, but Time Crisis is.


Hinting towards a cabinet for arcade? Hmm?~ :wink:


I’m sure some kind of mini rail shooter would be popular so I hope to see something like that one day.


Maybe the shooting gallery will become a rail shooter


And thus the 2 billionth modern FPS shooter was made.


on-rail shooter ≠ modern first person shooter.


There’s hardly any on-rail shooters being made any more. A multiplayer online one with some kind of light gun support would be super neat.




PvE multiplayer rail shooter over Tower with ticket rewards? Hell yes.