A Glossy or Roughness Slider for Custom Textures

It pretty self explanatory, but here is a little background on why I would love this option.

When a Condo has a lot of custom workshop models, specially ones with large textures. The game textures load at a lower quality.

I understand this is probably intended to reduce lag but it is really annoying since my floors look 240p.

Using custom url textures seems to do the trick for wooden floors since those don’t get their quality destroyed.

But then I cannot make them glossy to make a marble floor for a kitchen for example, so I think that would be a nice feature to add.

I think it would also be useful for other creatuve stuff not only when the game textures are broken by the high model usage.

Custom normals and other stuff like that would also be really cool but I understand that that might take a lot more development time.

Keep up the great work guys. :blush:

I do really like the idea, tho for your specific problem, you could probably use Canvas Cubes. They come with in-game textures you can use.

Also ‘Canvas Decals’ have a shininess slider.

And the in-game texture’s for the canvas cubes don’t suffer from the resolution being lowered?

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Ahh, sorry I get the issue now. Sadly, canvas cubes using the stock textures will be blurry if the condo is already having this issue.

I personally would recommend replacing any workshop or custom textures that aren’t needed if possible with in-game content, because fixing the blurry textures with more custom assets will only make it all run even slower.

Too much workshop can even brick a condo making it unloadable.

You can fix the textures by writing “-NOTEXTURESTREAMING” in the launch options, but this will use up far more memory.

Is not that I have A LOT of workshop models, it’s that some of them I made myself, and back when I made them I didn’t know how to optimize them properly, so the texture sizes are probably way too large for their size.

At some point I’ll probably think about remaking them if there is a quick way to downscale the textures without remaking them since I probably lost most of my .blend files.

But since I am not suffering from bad FPS (it’s almost always at 60 on a laptop) I wanted a quick way to swap the bad textures and I’ll be more careful when making asset’s in the future.

I wonder if future engine updates will update the texture streaming, since unreal 5 has all those cool stuff for geometry like Nanite. Having the game reduce the texture quality.

That good be cool but its probably a challenge. I’ll rather them work on the dedicated condos or other stuff.

Thanks for the texture swap trick btw.