A FULL CONDO THEATER! (+ concession stand)

With the newest update and the transfer of GMT funds into Units, a surplus of cash meant that I could move onto my next project. No longer would I be limited to the confines of my spaceship condo; I decided to branch out. Here is the development so far! (I blew through my 170k transfer. Woops).

What is this? It looks like stairs leading to a new area?

Going up…

Ta-da! The new expansion to my condo. This is the first of many planned hallways that will lead to special rooms

Let’s check out the theater and concession stand!

The first thing you’ll notice is my custom Coca-Cola machine! It’s made of two crates painted completely black in addition to a canvas on the side and a canvas on the front, stretched to fit.

Here’s a view of the concession stand in all of it’s current glory! There is popcorn machines, soda machines, some chips and candy on display, and other amenities!

On the other side are the bathrooms. Since I haven’t set them up with doors and toilets yet, you’ll just have to pop a squat.

Now it’s time to move on to the big daddy… up the stairs and you’ll find…

The theater! The white projection screen took 3 specially fit canvases with a blank image on each.

And a view from the other side. Notice the lighting and the exit sign!

So, there’s my progress so far on my theater. This is only after one day and all my funds from the GMT transfer. Let me know if you have any ideas for what I should change, add, or do next all-together! My next plan is to fill the walls with movie posters.


! :laughing: !

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Holy crap, this is really amazing, Great job!

Looks like a treehouse with all that wood :3

Really nice!

Wow! Nice detail on the theatre.

Love the vending machine and snacks


holy shit this is awesome
how do you people have so many good ideas?
the coolest thing i did in my condo was this

@AshGe You’ve got competition.

yeah lol

Damn son :open_mouth:

Wow nice job

wow. the units surplus allowed the community to build some really amazing condos!
i think the cost for build materials should be lowered a bit to allow even more amazing condos like these.

Where did you get the images for the vending machine???

btw. where are the kettle cooked crisps, and my favourite crisps of all time worcester sauce and salt & vinegar walkers:

Those seem unfamiliar. They must be UK snacks.

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How in the hell

Ur wo?