A form of gamemode or plaza event that gives extra XP either daily or hourly

A few days ago, I thought to myself, some of the grinds are atrocious on plaza servers (namely Fishing, Laser Tag and Casino) and I thought - well we have the rotating events system in the Plazas…

Just like “sales” when they appear (soonish), what if there was a timeframe that would have extra XP (doesn’t have to be double) for a particular activity or gamemode (like Virus, for example). Gamemodes should be on a weekly basis and rotate constantly, but I don’t know if gamemodes should have this function.

But I feel that extra XP on particular activities on Plaza should get people encouraged into unlocking very brutal milestones. What do you think about this?

i love the idea of double exp weekends!


Double XP/Unit Weekends centred around specific modes/activities could be an interesting idea for like. Almost all aspects on Tower. Not just stuff in the Plaza.

Like SeasonalWardens said it could make some grinds a little easier while not outright removing the grind entirely.

But it could also be a good way to give different aspects of the game brief population boosts. Games like Virus and LC that are built entirely on having groups of players would benefit from this a lot since it means more and larger games would be played.

And I just really love that “mania” effect that happens when all the community is fixated one thing. That exciting buzz when everyone is together playing something new. It only really happens for the first week or so of a gamemode. Having small Double XP/Unit Weekends could briefly reignite that buzz for older gamemodes and activities like Trivia or Fishing.

I feel like weekends would be the perfect timeframe too since more people will have spare time during them but also because the 2 day timeframe feels like just enough time to for the event to catch on and build up but before all the excitement around the event dies out. If it was too short it wouldn’t build up enough players but too long and you lose that rush to get in on the event.

EDIT : As some people have mentioned Double Units might be too drastic of an increase, but I think the idea of some kind of Unit bonus “event” is still worth considering. It doesn’t have to be exactly double


double exp has been suggested before, which would be perfect for when gameworld catsacks come out but I don’t think they should ever do double units


You bring up the strongest points as to why this should exist. I don’t even think the XP is as important as the community cultivation would be. Not only can increased XP weekends increase the regular player-base, but just giving other activities more attention seems great.

I’m open to this idea. Doing this on a per-activity basis would be more beneficial than an all-around thing.


i think double units isn’t a bad idea personally.


I can see where you are coming from Double Units may be a bit too extreme but I still think some kind of Unit Bonus “Event” is worth considering.

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