A Few Random Ideas

So during school today, I put together a list of ideas on my phone over lunch. I wanted to share some of them with the community, because I think they have potential. I apologize if this is similar to anything and/or planned.

Body Sliders
This is very self explanatory. You can use sliders to edit your height, body weight, muscle size/definition (if it is possible), etc.

Alternatively, you can use a triangle that works like the color wheel, but each point on the triangle has one of the three basic body types: fat, thin, and muscular. You can move anywhere on the triangle to morph your character’s body using these three body types as a base, much like on Fallout 4.
Note: I have no idea what the name of this is, if it has any. If someone knows, can you tell me?

Accessory Positioning / Scale Sliders
Has anyone here played Fight the Dragon before? For those who haven’t, you’re able to change the size as well as position your hair on the x and y axis, in order to fit on custom character heads. I really liked this feature and it would be great to have it in Tower Unite, but for accessories. This can be used to fix any odd positioning errors as well as using something like… a wrist accessory on your ankle. Hell, perhaps you could even use the tie as a bandana, Ninja style.
Also, is it just me or are wrist accessories stabbing themselves into every guy’s wrist?

Cooking Minigames
Has anyone ever played Free Realms when it was open, and tried being a cook? I think this would be a fun way to cook, and the quality of your food would be based on how well you are at the minigames. This can be turned off on request.

Minigame Testing Branch
People, like me, are impatient as hell when it comes to new content that hasn’t released. So why not use them as guinea pigs- I mean… let them test out the incomplete minigames in a new beta branch on Steam?

I’ll use Zombie Massacre as an example. Once the basic coding (such as zombie spawning) is complete, throw together a few testing maps and push an update. That way, PixelTail can work on completing Zombie Massacre, as well as fixing bugs in already completed coding.

Random Ocean Hazards
In the Ocean Expansion, I’d like random hazards to occur, such as the Kraken appearing and attacking you if you get too close, or a tropical storm that has the power to tip your boat over or even wreck you on an island if you aren’t careful.

Drinking Animation!
After all, what’s the fun in drinking with friends if the only thing that happens is the bottle opening by itself and you get slightly dizzy?

Escape Gamemode
I don’t know what to name this one, really. I got the idea from this other minigame in Minecraft called Dragon Escape (I believe) where you have to run away from the Ender Dragon on a parkour course, while the dragon follows and destroys the platforms it comes into contact with.

Instead of a dragon, we can have a player chase other people around an obsticale course. The player that has been selected to catch the other players, also known as ‘it’, would have to follow behind the other players, and pass others to disqualify them.

Part-time Jobs
Need just that little bit more money to buy that ultra cool tablet you want, but don’t feel like, or don’t have time to play a Game World? Well part time jobs are here to help you out!

My idea is to go to any random store in the game and request a part time job. Then it would teleport you “behind” the counter (when you’re actually in the abyss somewhere far, far away from all human contact) and randomly generated (and maybe take the player models and names from other users in the lobby) and play some microgames, each 10 to 15 seconds long, designed for that particular store. After 10 microgames, you completed your shift and earn somewhere between 0 to 500 Units depending on how many microgames you pass, 50 Units each one you do.

As not having one could allow Unit farming, a shared cooldown for the jobs can last two hours. Again, this idea is for the main purpose of boosting your funds to buy something.

So these are my ideas! Tell me what you think!

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Body Sliders is planned(suggested here)? I don’t think they are done with the final player models yet.
Follows the same as number 1. Player models not finished yet pretty sure will be fixed when they are. (Hats kinda float above heads)
Cooking I’m pretty sure is closer to crafting and not a minigame but a minigame could be cool.
Minigame Testing I would gladly apply for but there could be problems with it because instead of everybody as a community working to suggest ideas and provide feedback PixelTail would have to listen to 2 groups of people. People that have no knowledge of the games progress and people who do so I think it would be better to just keep the testing inside PixelTail.
Ocean hazards could be cool if there were boats.
Drinking animation could be cool but that is my opinion.
Escape Gamemode I don’t know if I would play it personally but there might be some who would.
Part-Time jobs Could be cool? If its a 2 hour delay you would have to use it sparingly though.

Body Sliders: I believe these were planned before, I’m not sure if they’re still expected or not,

Accessory Positioning: This might be nice in the distant future, but right now I think the default positions are fine (though some do need a bit of editing).

Cooking Minigames: I’m not sure how cooking is planned to be implemented, but minigames might be a fun way to do it (assuming they’re really fast minigames).

Minigame Testing Branch:

Random Ocean Hazards: Might be fun, but I don’t know how the ocean expansion will be done yet. So long as the events don’t impede on anything major (such as ability to traverse), I could see this happening.

Escape Gamemode: Eh, I don’t think I’d enjoy this. Might be a good one to stick on the Workshop, but we’ve already got Ball Race for obstacle courses and Virus for tag, not to mention more varied games in the making.

Part-Time Jobs: I don’t think this is really necessary. There are already going to be other activities planned for the plaza, and I would bet that they give you a small amount of Units if you need quick cash.

Body sliders are planned.
Cooking is planned, and apparently is going to be pretty big for a minigame.
‘Jobs’ sound cool, but I mean they can’t be too bland. Seems like a nice idea to get extra cash without having to make a gameworld game. However, there will be a bunch of other fun things thatll get you a bit of cash in the plaza.
The Ocean Expansion isn’t even implemented yet. It’s very far off. So it’s a little hard to suggest things. But I would expect hazards and things to keep you on your toes will make an appearance.
Minigame Testing is an awesome idea, and is pretty much what I think the weekly/nightly builds will accomplish once new content is regularly being created again (right now the developers are busy ironing out all the bugs that were generated by Early Access). If you didn’t know (no fault on you if you didn’t) the Nightly/Weekly released builds from the Alpha days will be returning, and you will be able to switch from Stable versions to nightly versions from Steam. Think of how StarBound does it.
Accesory Positioning and Scale Sliders are a very necessary idea. I have no clue if they’re planned or not, but I would REALLY like to see these.

8/10 suggthread