A Few Questions I have to ask

How fully customizable will TU be? (Also near finish typing this, I have realized there is a “Your topic is similar to…”)
The reason I ask is because, coming from Garry’s Mod, and seeing what ARK has done, how much of the game will be customizable?
Seeing as it’s no longer restrained to GMod and The Source Engine, and to the fact that we will be able to host our own Tower Servers, what will we be able to do as modders of the community? Maps, Models, Sounds, Game Changing Elements?

Possibility of Console/Mobile Ports?
Will there ever be a possibility of TU coming to any of these other platforms (Most likely the console), because as seen with Portal 2, you were able to login with your Steam info and register a free copy to your account (I wonder myself it would be possible to also have The Workshop working on a console), but seeing as it was Valve’s own, i’m not sure how possible that feature would be, plus I have no idea what the size of the game currently is right now.

How long will this game live on for?
How long are you (The Developers) gonna keep this game going on for? (As seen possible with TF2 going from 2007-Present) I would love for this to go on for a long time, but I feel as if years went on people would start to grow stale, but as I love TF2 and would still play it to eternity, I hope the same will happen with TU.

Good Luck with the release.

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  1. You can make your own models, maps etc! Really cool addition that i personally love!

  2. There will be no ports for Tower Unite, it will stay on the PC platform.

  3. As long as the community wants it to live on for! The dev’s will be constantly adding to the game with feedback they get from the community, I don’t think this game is gunna be going away anytime soon! :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks for the kind response, and assurance.

I love to map in my spare time and such, once this comes out, I would gladly make levels for TU, especially with it being UE4 and not the Source Engine with its outdated Hammer Editor.

Shame it’s PC only though, a cross-platform social experience with other types of people would be fun to do!

I’m just afraid of something happening to this amazing game, and hope they will do a better job then what Valve would do. :blush:

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Yeah source isn’t the best lol. It would be cool todo cross-platform but sadly that won’t happen, (It could tho).

The only thing that’s going to happen to this game is its growth & community :smiley:

Everything from props to maps. I’m not sure if PixelTail will be sanctioning high quality content from Workshop, but anything in the Workshop can be used by the player. This is where we will get our copyright-infringing player models, such as Chloe Pricefield or Papyrus.

Much like GMT, TU is developed with PC in mind. It runs on Unreal, so it could run on consoles, but it probably will never happen. If you want to talk to TU players on mobile, we have a Discord server.

I’ve heard a ton of conflicting info on this. I remember hearing that the devs will add new content for a year after the game comes out of early access. From then on, bugfixes will be released. Maybe @macdguy can clear that up. However, since players can host their own servers this time around, TU will likely live on for a long time.