A few questions about your opinion on GMT currently [CLOSED]

I just need to to a couple polls for personal reason. I just want to make sure before you submit your answer that you will all think about what your saying before you say it/submit answer.

Question #1:
How often do you play GMT? (approx.)

  • Once Every 24 hours
  • Once Every Week
  • Once Every Month
  • Once Every 5 Months
  • Longer

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Question #2:
What is the overall quality of the server?(Based on Players, Lag, Fun, etc.)

  • Terrible (1 star)
  • Somewhat Poor (2 stars)
  • Just OK (3 stars)
  • Somewhat Good (4 stars)
  • Amazing (5 stars)

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Question #3:
If you could change something about GMT in its current state, what would you change?

  • The Map
  • The Community
  • The Lag
  • Stop the shutdown
  • I wouldn’t change a thing

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Question #4:
How many players do you see on the server(server #1)do you see on a regular basis?

  • 1 to 10 players
  • 10 to 20 players
  • 20 to 30 players
  • 30 to 40 players
  • 40 to 50 players
  • 50 to 64 players
  • Over 64 players
  • It varies…

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Final Question:
Do you think GMT is almost dead or has lost its luster?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for your feed back.
Leave questions/comments in the replys if needed.

(Now before you write an angry/correctional comment, i know tower unite will fix most of these problems, i was just curious what you guys all thought of GMT before it gets shut down.)



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Voted. It was fun, but it can go. I’m all aboard the Tower Unite train, and I won’t miss GMT.


I don’t like how you set this poll up, personally. Typically, surveys/polls asking how long you do/play something would have time frames over exact amounts. E.g: I play a few days on average a week. Not daily consistently or just once a week consistently.

Also I don’t know why you didn’t include a question regarding players on server 2, I prefer to spend more of my time on that one.

Personally, I don’t even play GMT at the moment. Like Caboose, im all about Tower Unite.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like GMT (If I didn’t why would I buy TU?) it means that I just don’t really want to know everything that’s going to go into TU.

This is so I get the kind of “New Player” view on the game. Rather then the “Comparison Player” who just compares everything to GMT even though their different games.

I feel like GMT doesn’t have enough players lately and Lobby 2 is kind of getting boring since it’s so unfinished.

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That really can’t be helped due to source limitations, i mean if you play the server now it’s JUST barely playable, if more content was added before TU, the server would lag more often and people just can’t cope with that

Mainly the community kills it for me. Some people are actually OK people but they have massive egos and “I must be the most popular”, and some people are just cunts, the rest are coll though.

Too many people are playing the same games and ignoring my personal favorites, such as PvP and UCH.
Every time I go on there, it’s all Minigolf, Virus, and sometimes Ballrace.

That’s just Garry’s Mod in a nutshell, not really just GMTower. I remember back in approximately November 2012 (just about the time when GMod 13 was released and the Tower gamemode got fixed up for it) the playerbase went downhill real quick. Seeing fankids without a functioning brain that came mostly because of Yogscast and UberHaxorNova became an everyday thing. The forums got flooded with threads asking simplistic questions (“hao do i cahnge my playermodule”, “where can i get jetpack” and much more) that got REALLY repetitive and annoying. And so the hate started, almost came to the point where the devs had to start banning people for hate/make-fun threads.

I am not trying to bring back the hate because of how harsh my post might sound. I love being a time witness :grinning:

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Don’t worry Radek, i get how you feel. i hope tower unite will be prasied instead of going how Gmod did. Lets hope, right? :sweat_smile:

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I am SUPER sure Tower Unite won’t get into the same jerked playerbase GMTower got. Let’s also hope that the workshop won’t become the same as… you guessed it, GMod’s workshop. (as in, ~80% of the workshop being trash uploads and other crap)


Half of the reason it IS crap is because half the uploads are just dupes that are just addons from other users.

no, no no no. I love gmt and ill be playing it all the way up till Unite launches, GMT was my first real pc game outside like halo 2 pc on my parents computer back in the day, but this server is literally the best part of garrys mod, take that away and GM is nothing.

OK, I think I got all the input I can get. Thank you all for your opinions.