A Few questions about Alpha and perks :3


What can we expect to see in future versions of the Alpha?
When can we expect said versions of Alpha?
Besides bug reporting is there anything else we can do to help?

Perks (Indiegogo)

Will there be any triple monitor desktop backgrounds?

Expect to see Alpha’s being on Steam.


Right now Pixeltail is working with Valve to get the closed alpha onto Steamworks (or something like that, I don’t know how the process works), so you can expect to see the future Alpha updates on Steam. This means you won’t need to download TU from scratch each update and the updates will be applied automatically. :smile:

There’s an official dev post about this somewhere on the Forum, but I’m too lazy to look for it… :sweat:

This doesn’t answer my question, it was WHAT can I expect to see not WHERE can i expect to see it.

I did somewhat answer your question. You can expect to see an Alpha Build on Steam (perhaps even updated). The vague answer is, we don’t know what to expect, other than them to continue working on the game in the fashion they see fit.

Sorry, I thought you were confused by @Sabrina’s post. I don’t know for certain any answers to your other questions… I guess right now, other than bug reporting, you can help out by hosting servers or throw more money at the TU Indiegogo until the devs answer otherwise.

it’s cool, I do plan to perhaps donate another $20 and get in on the watch thing…

Can I switch to third-person view?

You can use the scroll wheel to change from first and third person

Thank you.