A few concept ideas: Little Crusaders

Hi there, just a few concepts for the gamemode, Little Crusaders (Ultimate Chimera Hunt).

Birb lunch - Punish the Crusaders.
Now, you’ve seen what happens when a Dragon eats the chubby birb. It dies.
Now, what if eating that birb allows it to breathe fire on the Crusaders?

Now, hear me out on this.

You guys will know that on Throne room, there are a few burning flames in the middle area that trigger the spooked effect when walked over, setting your crusader alight too.

Now, what if the Dragon could set knights alight simply from eating the birb? This way, the birb actually feels like the difference between life and death for both sides, rather than just for the Dragon.

The ability will have it’s own bar which will pop on screen once birb has been devoured, and allows the dragon to fire spurts of flames towards the Crusaders. They can be used in bursts and allow the dragon to continue moving while using it (Though not able to sprint), and can even use it while flying, spraying flames from above onto the crusaders.

To balance this, since it is clearly OP as hell, the bar will not recharge until another birb has been eaten.

Dragon Hunting
To help Crusaders hunt down a fleeing Dragon, the Dragon could create visible cracked marks in the ground to show the direction it has taken.

To counter this, the Dragon can take flight to throw off the Crusaders on what direction it took.

Game Actor Customes

Well, this technically counts for all gamemodes. What if all gamemode ports had a small shop of sort next to them that would allow you to customise your costume/looks or your loadout (Similar to how the Gmod lobby worked, with PVP and ball race)

Well, how about the MODPORT (Awful name I know)

For example, The Little Crusaders MODPORT would allow you to customise the looks of your Crusader and Dragon (Basically, hats), while the Virus MODPORT would allow you to customise the looks of your zombie.

What do you think?

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Oh, and I forgot.

Infinite rounds mode for all gamemodes, just in case people want that kind of thing, and don’t want to have to switch servers each time all the rounds are over.

i am with you except for the last part, they are doing that already. its that big glass building on the right side of the shopping center next to the boardwalk

I like the cracked floors idea, however it should only work when running, as it wouldn’t make sense otherwise


Thanks for the feedback!

Wasn’t ‘Upgrade’ going to be a merchandise store for gamemode related condo + player items?

Yeah, definitely agree with the “Cracks only while running” idea

Maybe for infinite rounds there could be one game that is auto hosting and changing maps after every game without kicking people back to the lobby, and have player hosted games be the same “play once and you’re done” setup.

I like the idea of being able to jump into a virus or crusaders lobby and play as long as I feel like without having to make new games over and over

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If each gamemode is going to only have like 1 infinite round server, those servers will be impossible to get in.

both maybe? why else would it be called upgrade?

I mean, it might work if the MODPORT (or whatever they decide to call it if they so choose to include it in the game) is like a loadout/outfit select station outside of the gamemode port, so players don’t have to run all the way back to Upgrade if they want to try out a different style.

oh, ok got it, i thought you were suggesting purchasable upgrades for gamemodes, instead of multiple buying locations for sayed upgrades

@Forden that’s a good point, maybe they could have two or three infinite ones going :stuck_out_tongue: or maybe generate and remove them as needed based on player count

I was thinking on the basis of when you choose to host a server, you get an extra tick box that you can use to decide whether you want a default limited rounds/levels game, or if you want an infinite repeats game.