A Few Bumper Cars Suggestions

Me and a couple other people were talking about bumper cars on the discord server and I had some cool ideas so I decided to just make a forum post instead of spamming the discord.


I think it would be cool if bumper cars was a deathmatch game where people compete to knock people off the edge of the arena as many times as possible. There could also be other gamemodes, like team deathmatch or limited lives.


There could be power-ups (like the ones in Mario Kart/Accelerate) that spawn around the arena sometimes that let you epicly pwn and destryoy everyone else B). They’d probably appear every 20 seconds or so. Some ideas:

  • Boxing Glove: Punches cars in front of you
  • Loud Horn: Pushes back cars around you
  • Teleport: Lets you teleport somewhere on the arena, can be used while falling to avoid dying


There could be obstacles, similar to the ones in Chainsaw Deathmatch, that appear every so often. Some ideas:

  • Bumpers (like the ones in Ball Race)
  • Falling Objects (fall on the arena and bump cars)
  • Wind (slowly pushes back cars in a direction)
  • Speed Boosts (not really an obstacle since it helps you, also self explanatory)