A Condo That Tests Players Limits

This is an ongoing Condo I am working on! It tests players limits, and does a good job at doing so. I attempt to document all findings.

**You join a cheesy Horror TU Condo on Suite, go through beatable puzzles and progress. You reach a teleporter that brings you to the next area. Only to find something unbeatable **

There is a door! Look a hint!

There is nothing, also you are now stuck looking because you think there is an end. Enjoy.

And that’s that, people join, people leave, people like, people dislike. It’s interesting to see how people rush through condos that took a while to complete.

So far the record in the white room is 20 minutes of pure confusion but I hope to add more torture as I make the puzzles before more complex.

Bellow are some screenshots!

  • Players spend time in the white box, confused but having fun for some reason!!

  • These players find a teleporter that takes them to the exact same copy of the room seen pictured- but just leave thinking there is nothing else.

In case you are wondering- I am using Suite Condo!