A collection of polishing suggestions

  • For more visually apparent combo powers (specifically, the Survivor’s Ramming Shield), they should blink on and off at a rate that gets quicker as it starts to expire. This helps with not knowing how long you have on the shield left. I recognize that it is shown on the cursor, but it’s a bit too subtle, especially when you’re about to escape through or charge into a horde.
  • Health shouldn’t be displayed on the end round screen- This may be a bug.
  • Music takes a bit too long to loop; there’s a solid 3 or so seconds of odd silence.
  • The class select/upgrade screen takes a little too long to go away when everybody has readied up; this should be shortened by 2 or 3 seconds.
  • The “upgrades available” prompt is too in your face. It should be smaller and go away relatively quickly, as upgrades are nearly always available.
  • The scientist’s flasks. it’s very confusing knowing where they are going to land (in distance from the player), even after quite a bit of practice. It would be nice if there were a target on the ground that showed where they would land.
  • This one I feel is most important- combo powers are a little too easy to get. They should take 1 or 2 more kills to earn, as having them almost constantly ready feels a little too powerful and makes the game less tense.
    Hope these help and are constructive! Loving the game so far.

I forgot this, but having a spawn indicator before zombies spawn (like in Virus) would be great to prevent zombies spawning where you’re about to run.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I’m preparing to adjust the combo system to have a cooldown between combo powers.