A calling for research: Gmod Tower's original 2006 idea [Solved]


old paradise was THE BEST MAP ever. GRATS.


Did you (or any other staff) ever draw out level designs for any of the gamemodes? Like Ball Race, for example?
I’m getting into level and game design and I’ve been scribbling down a lot of notes about ideas and things I have during classes or free time. It’s always really cool for me to see other people have design notes and their own ways of organizing/creating things and I’d love to see how yall do it.


This is a god-tier thread.


Some of this stuff should be added in Tower Unite


I wouldn’t be surprised if some of it does appear. There are a lot of good ideas in here. :smile:


After chatting with someone on the forums, It turns out that Puzzle Impossible will never be revived, I’ll post a link to the chat here

However seeing as there is an empty game world spot, it seems the devs may have something hidden up their sleeves…

Perhaps Monotone or Gourmet Race could make a return, or maybe something new… who knows.


The reason for Puzzle Impossible not returning or being finished is because it had very low replayability- after the first runthrough it was boring and not fun at all.
The remaining gameworld slot is probably for a new, fresh gameworld that we have no info on, like Planet Panic was. Excited to see we’re getting more gameworlds and that the devs have mroe tricks up their sleeves when it comes to this stuff.


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I noticed floor 4 is essentially the boardwalk now, intresting


They are not starting a second backing campaign as they do not need a second one. They might start another one incase one should be necessary, but this is extremely unlikely to happen.


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Tower Unite is our game now. If we had ideas in the past for GMod Tower and still like them, they may be part of Tower Unite.

There were very good reasons why we didn’t use the original idea. One of them being that it’s beyond scope and would never be made, another would be that it would be unoptimizable and just not fun.


I just realized that today is the 10th anniversary of the original GMT draft!!!