A calling for research: Gmod Tower's original 2006 idea [Solved]


So idk if you all are aware, but I’ve been working on finding the past history of GMT, all the way back to 2006. You might be thinking, “2006?!”. Yes, if you look at the GMT website, under history, it says…

GMod Tower started in late December 2006 as one of the most ambitious ideas to come to the Source engine. It later went through three different sets of development cycles/teams until finally becoming to fruition by a handful of just four.
The four man team was comprised of MacDGuy, Mr. Sunabouzu, Nican, and AzuiSleet. Development of the GMT you knew and loved was done from early October 2008 until its first public release on July 2009.

I wonder what that idea was, plus, I wonder who those dev teams were comprised of and i wonder what they did to make GMT, well, GMT!

I’m making this thread because most info only goes back to 2009, and i’m curious on who these devs are and what these past devs made, plus, i wanna see how different the first idea for gmod tower was from the final product.
Post any finds here and try to avoid making false assumptions, this is not the streamer! I’ll edit this post later with the time line we know so far. For now, i’ll be looking, and i’ll be happy for any help!

The last 4 minutes of GMOD Tower :(
GMod Tower: What could have been. Also, a call for research!

I dunno what the idea was, but to make this comment cool, here’s GMT footage from most likely around 2006.

Suite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEvTrrMjksA

Pool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxKl8Ek6Rw4

Puzzle Impossible : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Pz8G8AT-W4


Those are cool, but those maps are most likely from 2008-2009, what i’m looking for is the previous 3 dev teams before mac, sunabouzu, nican and azuisleet, and the original idea for GMT in 2006.


I know.

I just showed them here anyway.


This may or may not be relevant, but I just like to point the fact that in this video there is a chat going on between MacDGuy and an unknown person, who appears to be an old admin or even owner of GMod Tower.
This could mean anything or nothing, just thought it might somewhat help.

I just also like to point out the fact that the map in this video appears to be gmt_mtt_forest (6.06.2008) from the GMT Time Capsule
gmt_mtt_forest is also the first file that’s name is actually related to ‘gmt’

Hope this was something helpful and/ or useful to you. If not… then shit.

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MacDGuy has always owned GMT.


This says otherwise
Was MacDGuy the owner of all the teams?


I honestly have no idea. I never knew about the three development teams.


I’d assume so. He is the founder of PixelTail after all.


That’s why this Topic is here, it’s to find what the 3 previous dev teams were before MacDGuy, Mr. Sunabouzu, Mican and AzuiSleet.


But the other 3 dev teams might not have actually been PixelTail


@macdguy thought of Tower while he was bored in a highschool math class.

I wish I could find the original Facepunch thread, but old Tower was actually supposed to be a literal Tower, with each floor being it’s own theme or gamemode.


Ah, I see.

Also, by any chance does that support this image which dates back to 2007 and yet isn’t in the Time Capsule?
Or am I just going on about stuff that isn’t even relative?


Yeah, GMT live cam was an event i think. This unknown admin was probably an admin, i doubt it was an owner.


I believe there were 3 previous dev teams, but as @Matt said, @macdguy was the head of all of them with different devs.


Ah, ok.




The original document, written by me while bored in math class, detailed 25 floors each containing different games of different genres to play all on one server. It was published in December 2006.

We went through lots of lead programmers, but I’ve always been the lead in the project. Couple of the lead programmers were Termy58, Pakrat, Nican, Hxrmn (@Zak), Robbie (or Robert), and sadly some others I can’t recall. It was around when Nican, Azuisleet, Mr. Sunabouzu, and I all decided to scrap all work and redesign Tower into what it was on the first release of it. The theater was a joke addition that soon became less of a joke. The original only had Ball Race (which was originally Antlion Race as you played as an Antlion in a ball, also a joke) and PVP Battle (a jaykon bacon inspired game because we all loved that mod). Then we figured out that we had some critical design issues (aka no design at all) and got older and wiser of the project and it turned into what we know as GMTower today.

How was GMT thought up?

I’ll see what I can find of old stuff. I actually have everything backed up from the start of the project. Going through it all is another story.

Here’s one screenshot of the original website.


I fucking love you :smile:


I sent in my application to join GMTower back in May of 2007.
It contained two videos and some text that is probably lost to the ages.

Back then I had a very old Dell desktop with an ATI Radeon 9700 graphics card (which needed to be under-clocked sometimes or the triangles wouldn’t stay in the right place) so the videos don’t look too good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh hey you can still buy 9700’s for $25 hah!

128 megs of VRAM

MacDGuy's Old Projects