A Bingo Hall [Redundant as of Casino Phase 2]

i think that adding bingo as another “game” (think trivia) would be extremely fun. i feel like it could work similar to trivia, where you have to queue up with (x) amount of people & once it starts every player would get their own stamps & cards to use for automatic number callouts & the first person to get a bingo would recieve some amount of units. i feel like it’d be a nice addition to either somewhere near trivia or an area extended in the casino!

As said in the Discord, Bingo is a classic Casino game.

In general, as I wrote in the 2020 feature poll, what the Casino currently needs the most is social/multiplayer games.

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people in the priority survey to say no priority changes on casino… oof.

btw we should have both US and UK rulesets.

Wasn’t it the second most voted item after the Arcade?




Then Its perfect for the casino.

It’d be cool if there was a big bingo event every 2-3 hours or something with a larger prize that might motivate more players to partake and then smaller more regular ones you can queue up for.


Bingo would be great fun, although I must admit I’m terrible at it… Something about tracking numbers across multiple cards and my brain does not compute.

I like Rekoza’s idea, although maybe it could be triggered by having X amount of players queue up for the Bingo game? Say if 8+ people enter the game, the prize pool is increased? This way it can’t be abused by going to quieter worlds, and doesn’t make playing during the “off” hours unrewarding if a server starts playing non-stop.

bingo and keno have been added to the casino phase 2 trello! :heart:


holy shit!!! ayyy!!! :tada: