6 hours until Tower Unite!

Awww dood i no

it gonna b dank

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This hype train has no brakes

And I will be absolutely awak…! ZzZzzzZzz

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Should actually be 4 hours not 6

I posted this 2 hours ago :stuck_out_tongue:

The hype train is a mag lev as o we don’t need breaks! Tower lobby station here we come!

:grin: i made it fast, but i like it


The forums went silent for a whole 20 minutes.

Is everyone kill?

i cant wait give me the alpha :smile:
i am alive ^^

funny, just as you posted that Ken Ashcorp sang “THE LEGEND NEVER DIES”

monster is a good idea xD
Time: 21th July 2015 01:16am

I’ve downed about 3 Mountain Dews today

If I’m not careful I’m gonna go MLG

Only 1 hour & 40 min left! :slight_smile:

1h 38min xD

Don’t forget they said around 6 not 100% at 6


you kill my dreams :scream:

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