6/24/2016 Stream Questions Thread

Will we be able to use the axes to move items in our condo? There are so many times when I need more precise rotation and position and I just… can’t

I think we will be able i don’t remember but i think on GMTower you could do it.

Will the other 3 sides of the Tower light up at night alongside the front face? Each side looks identical yet only one face of the Tower actually lights up currently.

Why won’t you allow dedicated gameworld servers? One idea would be to integrate them into a matchmaking system that creates sessions for players who want to play the same gamemode and map for example (ye is a really complex system I know). Some hosts have thin upload rates, a slow CPU (causing physics bugs) or simply close the session without any reason. There is no good way to predict these things.

Changed name because next Friday is the 17th.

  1. Are we allowed to mod our condos and host gameworlds on our condos ? i made a topic about it here with a video Hosting Games On Condo?

  2. Is there any plans for the future to make computers that work like a browser with cursor ? (Steam overlay is boring).

  3. Is there any way to disable emitters ? because some people have bad computer like me for example on Midori i get 13 fps because the smoke.

The stream probably won’t be on the 17th. I did name it for a reason.


I’m graduating university in about a month and I was wondering, are you guys offering any jobs for people with a BSc degree in Computer Science?

  • Working on any friendly building in someone’s condo yet? People highly requested it, including matt that wanted this too for a long time :3, Including VladPootis posted a thread about it. Players building in other player’s condos

Update* 6/24/16

  • More melons but colorful? XD idk

  • @macdguy making any option to auto-save, save or undo in the Condo. Just so you wouldn’t screw up anything, or if your friends was messing with your condo. Or if you were using your items by deleting , misplacing, and making the items disappear into the abyss that your item is gone and is not stored back into your inventory…

Will the time in between turns in minigolf be shortened

How do guys create your low poly models and generate their normal maps. Do you use Simplygon?

When do you think is the right time to implement achievements?

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This topic is for questions for the stream only. I’ve hidden some posts that are completely irrelevant. Stay on topic next time.

Why do you use mostly use panels for Ballrace instead of smooth and round surfaces?

In the far future, if the servers were ever to go down, how would we still be able to spend credits?

The only thing stopping people from spending credits would be two servers:

  • Steam Servers are gonna be up until the end of time. I can’t see steam ever stopping support for inventory or anything like that for any reason ever.

  • There are no Tower Unite lobbies hosted, which I could see happening in like maybe twenty years, and by then either you will have something going on in your life that requires attention or you will have hopefully moved on to another game.

But who knows, maybe they thought of that. Maybe the official server will always be there, until time itself calls from the void to take back its hardware.

Sometimes Mini Putt appears to get out of sync, All of the players are unable to move for a random amount of time, I was wondering if this is something that is being looked into.

This is a well known issue, has to do with how the physics work related to the framerate of the host. If I recall correctly it’s something that’s already being looked into.

What happened to the Stream? Did I miss it? I can’t rewatch it on Twitch.

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