6/24/2016 Stream Questions Thread

Post your questions for the June 24th stream here.


Is snapping (for building) happening soon??

For foohy: How do you have such a hot bod?


Is a fix for the 999 ping for game servers in the server browser planned?

I’m confused at how workshop stuff will work in the future. If you subscribe to an item on the workshop, will it appear in your condo/in your inventory, or can you only acquire workshop items through a plaza?

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On the trello, the Soundcloud preview image is shown on some sort of screen, like a TV. Does that mean we will be able to play Soundcloud content on media players (TV, monitors, etc.?)

  1. Will Lobby change to Xmas theme in Christmas?, If so, then will other servers get changed to Xmas theme with no choices?
  2. Will we have Vault? If so, are we going to buy or it’s free?
  3. Can we take off the lights in Condo rooms?

Shooting Gallery: Target Colors for Shooting Gallery (This would ensure that you won’t get your targets being shot down by another player) ?

Shooting Gallery: Combo system for multiples targets (Includes units bonuses) ?

Shooting Gallery: Each target hit should reward few units (related to combo system) ?

Casino: Chips should be available to everything into the casino, not only cards / roulette games. (may rename “Chips” to “Tokens” ?)

Casino: Make a NPC or something to convert your Chips to Units (in case the only currency into the casino would be the Chips. The GMT Chips were 10 GMC each) ?

Game Worlds : Voting at the game end for restarting the game, instead of disconnecting ?

Is there anything confirmed or any information we did not previously know about the unreleased game worlds? (SDNL, Little Crusaders, Horror Hill, Accelerate, Zombie Massacre) I am just genuinely curious and would like to know any information on what to expect for these game worlds.

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•Will double doors be a thing? =>

•Also, Mac, you once said something about using a caching system for canvases. Will that system allow condo owners to load their canvases with less failing textures?

•Finally, will the “roof for condo” in the build_0.1.1.7 be optional? (For people that got a use for the hole)

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Will there be a weekly version later on to test the stability/gameplay of Lazer Tag?

Can we have plants for the condos, please? Look how pretty :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

here’s some examples of modern pots if you wanna keep the whole modern look:

<img WIDTH=“250” HEIGHT=“250” src=https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/49/5b/a9/495ba95df470dce609df2c26d15166ea.jpg"><img WIDTH=“250” HEIGHT=“250” src=https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/77/0d/7a/770d7a7fee8e1db629e5ff4b70637034.jpg"><img WIDTH=“250” HEIGHT=“250” src=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/103750290129309696/188447431053017089/unknown.png"><img WIDTH=“250” HEIGHT=“250” src=http://www.gardenlife.com.au/sites/www.gardenlife.com.au/files/Edmonds_WireHanger_02.jpg"><img WIDTH=“250” HEIGHT=“250” src=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/103750290129309696/188448938070638593/unknown.png">

I know there’s more important stuff, but it would add life to the condos.

Here’s some weird ones :two_hearts:

<img WIDTH=“400” HEIGHT=“300” src=http://i.blogs.es/8e8523/wacamole-ceramic-1/original.jpg">

<img WIDTH=“400” HEIGHT=“300” src=https://thekevinchen.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/tumblr_lzdhf16uvl1qz788jo1_1280.jpg">

Thanks, keep up the good work :tada:


Is there a chance that tower unite will be ported to xbox one & PS4?

I’ve heard that it will be PC only.

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Are you going to finish coding or building Air Hockey First before you do the rest its my favorite. it would probably be a good idea to publish it for everyone to see the gameplay and then put it in the electronics store. And will it also be testable or not?


Will we be able to use the axes to move items in our condo? There are so many times when I need more precise rotation and position and I just… can’t

I think we will be able i don’t remember but i think on GMTower you could do it.

Will the other 3 sides of the Tower light up at night alongside the front face? Each side looks identical yet only one face of the Tower actually lights up currently.

Why won’t you allow dedicated gameworld servers? One idea would be to integrate them into a matchmaking system that creates sessions for players who want to play the same gamemode and map for example (ye is a really complex system I know). Some hosts have thin upload rates, a slow CPU (causing physics bugs) or simply close the session without any reason. There is no good way to predict these things.