[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek


looks like LSD to me.


Emotes? We need emotes back!


“hurry mom, we have to be at the arena in an hour!”
“Did you pack your sword?”
“Oh fuck I think I left it back at the house”
“Dont worry, Ill just run into this drug store really quick and get you one.”


These look incredible, god damn.


I think, the next gameworld will be…

And why do i think that?
Well, we saw remodelled chainsaw, now usable katana (?), well, so who’s with me?


You seems to forgot Accelerate, wich is the next after Little Crusaders.

Remember this ? Poll: The Next Game World (post Casino)


This is outdated, this was even made before LC released.
I still feel like they gonna do SDNL now.

Also, it’s thier choice NO ONE confirmed that Acc will be next.


To be fair, they said they want to do another poll to see what the community wants next, so Accelerate isn’t actually certain.

Plus, I imagine SDNL is probably a bit easier to work on now that there’s weapon prediction than Accelerate would be.


I’m thinking the same



My perverted anime-infused mind is taking that wrong


That makes more sense. PVP Battle from GMT was one of, if not, my favorite game mode, anyways.
I’m excited to see what happens down the road.


Also Lumy considering Accelerate won that poll yet LC was made first who knows?
Plus why do people want accelerate?


He is on pure memes, very strong drug.


Probably due to how bad it did in GMTower


Yeah, but on the other hand, I feel like Accelerate/Source Karts only did badly because it was on Source. It was extremely laggy and broken, and I’m certain that it’ll perform infinitely better in Unreal :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly, I think part of the reason Accelerate is in such popular demand is because it’s notably different from most other gameworlds. Zombie Massacre and SDNL are both shooters of some description, and TU already has a couple of shooter gameworlds in the form of Virus and Planet Panic. Panic at Horror Hill sounds quite interesting, but we don’t know much about it while, for Accelerate, saying “racing game” gives you a 90% accurate idea of what’s going to be in store already.

This isn’t to say that the aforementioned games are bad, it’s just that Accelerate stands out because it’s that much different. TU has always had a large variety of activities, so it makes sense to me that something which feels different from everything else would be desired. I could be completely wrong, but that’s just one possible theory.


This could be ZM, SDNL, a lobby weapon or an emote.


it was said on the stream that they’re working on multi-purpose weapon models now (models they can use in a variety of activitiew/gameworlds)


March 27th, 2017

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my sword is so powerful that it can also SHOOT BULLETS