49K Gem Unlocked!


Now this is a damn good gemstone to finish them off. Sweet!

OOOooooh snap, just when i thought things where good i get hit with the best.

Multi-Person editing is a big yes. So instead of my friends and I suggesting what to do for eachothers condo’s, We can finally edit it ourselves. Really glad this is becoming a feature :smile:

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The hype has never been so real! :raising_hand:

We’re definitely going to make the goal now! :smile:

Watches as 17 days go by with only 200 dollars to go and no new funders.

Starts sobbing as his dreams are ruined…

So THIS is why my 49k thread stopped.

Now that sounds like some cool stuff… Even more ways to make your condo look bizarre!
(We’ll still be able to stick tables to the ceiling in our condo, won’t we? :worried:)