420 easter egg

I found an audio easter egg. if you play the game at 4:20 a special little audio clip plays. Anyone know whose voice it is and has anyone else found other easter eggs like this?

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Do you have any recordings of that sound? I would like to know what it sounds like. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s Brad.

They were gonna use him for some stuff in the tower but he never got used.

Guess he’s coming back for Tower.

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Is he a popular voice actor? He sounds familiar…

I think I already heard those sound files long ago. I think they planned some kind of lobby tour for GMTower and wanted to use Brad as the speaker, but they never added it.

I’m pretty sure the tour is still in Gmtower files.
Or at least it was there, along with some rapid-transport sounds

They were gonna use him for the Lobby 2 monorail, but Source limitations made them cut the monorail out from release.

I think he’ll make a comeback for Tower Unite.

i remember poking around those old lobby 2 files in gmod and finding the monorail audio. i can’t figure out a way to poke around with the tower unite files to see if there are anymore audio clips there

I still have some legacy addon files, from lobby 2 initial release I think. If someone wants something, send me a pm.

The audio’s from this video:


here’s a video of it

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This gets me EVERY time. Every single time.

Does it only happen in the bowling alley, or everywhere in the plaza?