3D widget for "advanced edit" mode in condos

I already suggested this to Mac on discord, but I might as well post it on here.

I think there should be an “advanced editor” mode for condos that contains a 3D movement widget similar to those found in modeling programs.

This would seriously help with getting things right where you want them (like the annoying canvases).

The advanced edit mode should also contain options for how precise you want to move the widget(like snapping options and incremental options) and buttons to change from directional movement to rotational movement.


Blender FTW

As someone learning to use blender and instantly recognize the screenshot: Use shift to select enable multiple manipulators.

Arrows for moving, circles for turning, boxes for scaling. No real need for extra buttons.

I spent like 2 hours trying to make a hollow hemisphere
not good at blender

Maybe find some tutorials?

I’m personally using “Blender for Dummies” (3rd Edition) and so far I’m happy with it.

Hemispheres are very easy to make. Here’s a little tutorial for you:

  1. Create a sphere with the desired amount of faces.
  2. Hit TAB to go into editing mode, and then Z to go into wireframe mode. Hit A to deselect all (selected items are in orange)
  3. Make sure you are selecting Vertices. These are the little black dots at the ends of lines/faces.
  4. Go into a side orthographic view for percision’s sake. Do this by pressing 1 or 3 in the Keypad.
  5. Hit B and drag your cursor to select the bottom HALF vertices of the sphere.
  6. Hit X (I think) to open the delete menu, and hit delete (vertices)
  7. Voila. It’s done. If you want to add a face to the bottom (so its a full shape and not a paper-thin shell) select the very bottom row of vertices in the same way you did the bottom half earlier. Then, hit the F key. This will add a face and cover up that nasty hole. Make sure to exit editing mode with TAB before you add any more shapes.

Hope it works out well! :wink:

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Guys, can we get back on topic please?

Sorry, just wanted to help him out.

Anyway, I would really like to see this in game. It would help a lot with construction.

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Staying on topic is for the weak!

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