3D Printed Tower Unite logo!

Low quality Model, low quality print, and low quality pic.

I can do a way better one if you guys are interested! Maybe I’ll do the whole fountain once I can get a look at it in game…


Is that even worth the material? :S

What printer you got, I’m assuming that’s PLA based on the warping? You could of put a little more effort into that print, nice job none the less.

No suprisingly, ABS is the one with huge warping issues especially compared to PLA. I’ve got two fans running in my room, so super draft PLUS I didn’t put my hairspray down. ;]

I use a Reprap Prusa i3. I ran it at 15% infill and 0.2mm layer height to get a quick print out of it while people are still checking the forums. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m working on an enclosure this week, and I’ll be probably doubling the scale, stepping down to .12mm layer height and 20%.

Whatcha mean?

Material is expensive

lmao I’ve been running this one spool for months. It’s fine, trust me.

When you get into the exotics sure, abs/pla can be had for $22-25 bucks for a 1kg spool. (1kg = 2.2lbs) That print was probably a few grams so 40-50 cents? (Rough guess here, the unknown being what he paid for that spool.)

ABS has it’s issues but it’s not that hard to work with, a enclosure is nice for both fumes/keeping a consistent temp but smaller prints like above shouldn’t be having as much of an issue. Why a lot of people get enclosures is because after X height in Z direction it’s lost the heat from the bed and no longer maintains layer adhesion.

I got a Printrbot Simple Metal, 8x8 upgrade, E3Dv6, heated bed.

I was talking more about the design and less about the print btw.

Literally my first model ever. 3 boxes and 25 minutes. ;]

And YES! That’s why I’m making one. I’m printing quadcopter parts and VR headsets, and while they’re coming out alright, they loose adhesion in 2-3 spots. It’s awful. :[

I don’t get it. My last two prints were awful, but the last ten were flawless!

I wonder if we could get our hands on some TU .objs…

I’m sorry pal, I didn’t know.

I gave it a shot for kicks, here’s my interpretation of the logol:

85mm tall, 50x50mm wide.

Oh, see, I was basing mine off of the fountain screenshot! Yours looks great. GJ! Do you have a page with some of your works?

No not at the moment, and thanks. I didn’t see i totally missed the overhang the last block sticks past so i fixed that.