3D Modeling and Timelapses


Yeah, when I’m bored I do 3D modeling for fun… Here’s a couple of examples:

And some timelapses here.

Though about sharing and getting some opinions and even find people that do similar stuff :smiley: So just post down bellow what you think and any examples if you have done similar stuff :smiley:

A community project - Help requested

They look nice!


I love the CL4P-TP!

(Sorry, I just love borderlands)


Nice models man! I love low-poly stuff.

I been doing some model work myself for school.
Been working on this for a couple days, happy with it so far.


Looks pretty good !


Those are so good! :open_mouth: Great job man.



discourse thinks i am unclear


Ok that it Cool right there. That needs to be a feature in the Workshop playermodel.


Looks really cool! Great job ;3


we called that low poly rigth ? BTW its goergous



Thanks everyone for these wonderful comments and those who shared their work! Looks neat indeed!

And anyone asking, yes, this is low-poly design, which I am absolutely in love with.


I see Polandball, I upvote…

Your models look great! :smiley:


Saw that tommy gun up there? Well, decided to give my animation skills a try and animated it just like it would be in an FPS game.
Here’s the video:


For some Rick and Morty fanbois!


“What is my purpose?”

“You pass the butter.”

“Oh my god…”

“Welcome to the club, pal”




it took me like 4 hours


Started new series bringing real world places to life with cartoony fashion :smiley:


Looking good!