348 achievements?


IIRC there were 349 achievements, so which achievement got cut and why??



The removed achievement was for getting a Hole in One on Kingdom Hole 5. This is not possible.



lol this number is so dumb to watch, why no 350 achievements ?!?!?!



Just add an achievement for opening the game and another for closing it.



I noticed there’s an achievement for voting on 20 workshop items but there’s no achievement for uploading stuff. And to avoid people uploading shit just to get it it could be to upload something that gets like 40 upvotes and 20 favourites? or something like that… would be neat for the artists out there :b

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I feel like an achievement of that sort would be frustrating to get. It takes a good amount of time away from playing the game and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get people liking your model even if it is well made :stuck_out_tongue:



That is true… many more people have liked a Doge model I made over the Alien I liked way more and worked much more time in (I’d already done it before TU). But if a model is well made I think it’ll definitely get at least 40 upvotes and 20 favourites, that’s not a big number. Only suggested it since there’s already 348 other achievements haha

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Haha yeah that’s fair enough, I can definitely see the appeal of it, though I still feel like it shouldn’t be required to spend time away from the game to get an achievement. That’s just my opinion though :smile:

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Adding an achievements for uploading stuff to the workshop will invite a flood of bad quality workshop items from people who just want the achievement. It’d be good to find ways to reward community creators but I don’t think this is the best idea.



Yeah I understand, I was just tossing it out