3 seconds before out of bounds: Minigolf Gamemode

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But this isn’t golf with friends.


I think I have to agree with you.


i know

the game

This thread is confusing, but from what I can derive I think a 3 second delay before oob kicks in would be terrible and would break several things, and would be abusable.


well i meant they don’t want to do like old school minigolf, they want to do like a sick trickshots from rocks and do hole in one, like inside the minigolf not from outside because like you said, it would be terrible and wold break several things, and would be abusable, you meant outside?

You should have gotten a reply notification, so it’s a reply to you.

Well it doesn’t say that it was a reply to me hence my confusion.

This thread is just all sorts of confusion, isn’t it?


I like the idea of having some sort of oob timer, but maybe more like 1-2 seconds. Minigolf is fun, but for me, I find it lacking (as someone that’s played GMT and TU). If anyone here ever played Karafuru with me, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

For those that don’t know, there were 6-7 courses that you could hop out of and bounce onto a different course, or a different part of the same course. Only one of those had an advantage, hole 17, where you hit the tree in front of you and prayed for it to bounce you next to the hole. Other than that one, all the rest gave you no advantage whatsoever, and was only fun to see if you could still get par for that hole.

We aren’t changing OOB.


We have zero desire to be like golf with your friends.


i’m sorry, my mistake

this was a mistake, only just do like a old school minigolf

Your suggestion isn’t a mistake. While it was a good one (in my opinion), everyone has different ideas for what they want. No need to be down about it. :wink:


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