2D Grass Texture for Canvas

I know what you all might be thinking. :sweat_smile: Don’t we already have grass textures for canvases and actual grass for decorations in the game? Well, yes, we do!
However, placing every single piece of grass, or just using boring flat grass textures, aren’t always the style you would want to go for, and as a person who builds a lot, always going in and out of saves/load outs for my Flat Grass condo, the grass takes FOREVER to de-spawn, and my game infinitely freezes.

For this idea, I would love to see the feature of a 2D grass texture, where when you place it, you see grass sticking up from the texture, so it doesn’t look so flat, but also resembles the grass decoration you can buy in game, and maybe even be able to change how the grass looks, just like the grass decoration too.

I believe by doing this, it will make it easier to put grass in for those lovely forest/outdoor condos, and faster for your condos to load up/switch out if you have tons of grass decor in your condo. Anything to make putting grass down that’s 2D would be nice to be honest, and as someone who loves foresty/outdoor sort of condo-builds, this would be amazing to see!

i dont know how possible this is, but how about something like a “Grass Volume”, a resizable block that the game fills with grass items automatically? idk if it’s what you’re looking for, but technically it’d just be one big object.