#2877 is Missing a Word


The question in full: Which Childrens Television Show is known for the songs “You are a Pirate”, “Cooking by the Book” And “We Are Number One” ?


I think it was cut off? or the uploader uploaded it too early before finishing?
Since it’s missing the end quotation as well.







While playing TU I’ve noticed questions with spelling errors, questions that aren’t in the format of a question, and questions that cut off at the end. I don’t have any specific examples at this time, although I might have a photo in my Steam screenshots of one of them.


If you could find them and make a post in this forum section, we can take a look at them.


Alright, these are the errors I’ve noted so far. It might seem picky, but when you’re playing trivia, errors like this make you question the reliability of the game.

T/F, ID 2733
“Bugatti is an Italian car manufacturer.”
The phrasing is technically wrong. It should either be “Bugatti WAS an Italian car manufacturer” or “Bugatti Automobiles is an Italian car manufacturer”. The latter exists as a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG and is considered a successor to Bugatti. Some might interpret this as a trick question if you aren’t explicit.

Multichoice, ID 2742
“What is the only food that dosent spoil?”
This question has incorrect spelling and grammar. It should be “doesn’t” or “does not”. I also take issue with the answer to this question. It is laid out with the following answers:

  • Honey (chosen as the correct answer)
  • Maple Syrup
  • Twinkies
  • Vinegar
    The question is strictly asking what is the ONLY food that does not spoil. Honey is not the “only food” that does not spoil. There is evidence to say vinegar has an indefinite shelf life (1, 2, 3). Both honey and vinegar can change colour, taste, or texture, but remain safe to eat indefinitely. They can both spoil if not kept in adequate conditions. The “correct” answer here is dubious, and I want to know what sources were provided to back this up. I suggest that the question is rephrased to something like “Which of these food products can last indefinitely?”, with either vinegar or honey omitted from the list.

Multichoice, ID 1321
“A movie with a giant bunny-like spirit who has magic powers including growing trees.”
This isn’t a question. It should be re-written because it reads strangely. The list of answers are movie titles, so presumably you are meant to guess what movie contains the character. It has following answers:

  • Rise of the Guardians
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • My Neighbor Totoro (correct answer)
  • Hop
    It is in the “anime/manga” category, and the correct answer is the only option that relates to an anime/manga film. This is silly. The wrong answers should at least be plausible.

Multichoice, ID 2441
“Before voicing Pearl in Steven Universe, Deedee Magno Hall was part of what american band?”
I believe American should be capitalised.


Yeah #2441 was my question.


No biggy on that one, I just think it should be picked up by the moderator of the question.


I’m guessing the reason why vinegar wasn’t listed as a food that doesn’t spoil is because it’s not really a food by itself (i.e. you don’t drink straight vinegar).


Thank you for your reports. If you find any others, feel free to let us know.

Has been corrected to “Bugatti was an Italian car manufacturer.”

This question has been removed due to conflicting sources, and has been rejected with the reason of “Please re-submit with sources.”

This question has been renamed to “Which movie includes a giant bunny-like spirit who has magic powers including growing trees?” and has been moved to the Film Category.

American has been capitalized.


Nice! Thanks for fixing it quickly.


And thanks for Capitalising American.


I found another today. ID 3316.
“In the video game “Transistor”, the name of the main charecter you play as is Red.”

“Charecter” is a spelling error. I also think it could be written better, maybe “what is the name of the player character”.


Corrected to

“In the video game “Transistor”, “Red” is the name of the main character.”