(26/03/2016) The first condo party

It all started with @Foohy asking me to see my condo, then we did some stuff:

I think Foohy like cat"sacks" a little too much :3

ANYWAY Then more people followed and…


I wanna give a Big Thanks to @Foohy because if he didn’t asked to see my condo, We wouldn’t have gotten so much fun owo


That is one sweet condo. You should considering giving tours.

Holy crap this looks amazing. The Milk Cartons make everything automatically better, I gotta admit.

i crashed 4 times and then i just gave up

Really sorry about this, maybe there was too much to calculate for your computer, plus of trying to record XP

Wish i was there :cry:

when the game will release, there will have a lot of other parties :3