2019 Footage of Tower Unite 0.0.2 Alpha

Hey everyone, I came across a build of Tower Unite 0.0.2 from 2015 on an old drive of mine. After tinkering with it a bit, I decided to record some footage of it for both comparison and archival purposes. I’ve uploaded the video without any commentary or added music, if you’re curious to see what all of Tower Unite was like back then!


back when tower unite looked like a unreal engine 4 trailer


Fascinating to spot all the differences, both big and small. Am I the only one who likes the old jetpack sound a lot? :sweat_smile:

In addition: If these shirts were real, I’d buy one.


The lighting was on point

Wow seeing how far the game has come from this is incredible, that jetpack sound was super annoying but I remember being 12 and thinking “wow this is so cool and great why isn’t the game just launched like this.”
But with fishing coming soon I’m personally glad we improved from the alpha.


Reminds me of when I tried to do some multiplayer ball race only to realize that the physics were messed up for everyone except the host. It’s really neat to see such an old build of Tower!


those firecracker sounds are waaaay too funny :joy:

Can I say I love Alpha Lobby 2 then release Lobby 2? Much more faithful to original Lobby 2!

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That Ball Race fail tho