1998 - Home

Working on a Condo horror story ‘1998 - HOME’ that’ll be fully finished when Condo IO drops.

Players will work together in groups (one at a time) completing small puzzles and riddles to uncover the full story of the house.

The actual condo layout, puzzles and video accompaniments are all pretty much ready at this point - here’s a sneak preview/mash-up of some of the riddle videos below!


Damn, dude. This looks so dope. Can’t wait to try it. Did you intentionally design this as a spiritual successor to The Streamer? Definitely gives off a similar vibe.

Wooooow, this is very cool! I will wait for a working link for this masterpiece.

It may or may not have some ideas carried over from The Streamer. :eyes:

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Yeah, I figured as much.