{14.1.2} Cant pick up Blue Checkerboard Discus Fish

I try to pick up the fish so i can move it to another fish tank but i cant pick it up in anyway whatsoever

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Take Blue Checkerboard fish out of inventory
  2. Put it into fish tank (I used the big one)
  3. Try to grab it again
  4. Fail

What I expected to happen

I can pick up the blue checkerboard discus fish and put it in my inventory

What happened

I cant pick up the blue checkerboard discus fish at all

Notes / Media


seeing as the lead developer liked this post, it looks like this is on track to be fixed. however, as a temporary solution, you can hold q and use the item finder in the top right of the screen (conveniently included in your own screenshot, at that) to stash it until the normal way of stashing is fixed


weirdly enough i tried to do that put i couldnt find the stash button when i right clicked on it in the inventory